All That Matters (Hafnium)


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Nov 10, 2008
Nocri: HP = 125, PP = 50, EP = 55, Status = Fine

NPCs and Stuff
Castle Hierarchy; The Faithful of the Snowy Scale
Flavius Leonte; former knight of the high courts of Therion, exiled from the courts for reasons he does not discuss. Ancestral owner of Auglier Keep, last of his name. Past the age at which Nocri's magic could render him a fertile female, being into his seventies before he had even joined the cult. Silver haired, grumpy, often in pain from old wounds. A skilled warrior but well past his prime, even with whatever physical gifts Nocri may have restored to him, and responsible for much of her martial training as a youth. Advisor, occasionally goes against what Nocri wants.
Comeaga; the cult leader before Nocri was able to assume full control of it, dark haired and tan-skinned woman exiled from a wandering Badarian tribe before Nocri's birth. Does everything Nocri wishes unconditionally, has some minor but unimpressive talent in healing magic and supposedly the gift of prophecy.
Claire Trotier; another former knight who was stripped of her titles before joining the cult. Redhead with long braided pigtails, inexperienced but enthusiastic, fancies herself the head of the castle guard, which at that point only consists of like five other people.
Araceli Forsman; cult member with a good head for business and management, tries to keep the place clean. At least originally male, but actively wishes to be permanently rendered female if Nocri hasn't done that yet. Scrawny blonde haired person. Sometimes a little scatterbrained, leading to problems that could have been avoided.
Jans Schutz; former drug addict from Therion, works to keep anyone from leaving the cult. Shifty man who once lived as a beggar and a thief, keeps his head down and tries to do as little as he can to be noticed, even by Nocri.

Nocri currently has three children, in various ages of growing up. None of the named NPCs are currently pregnant. You can name the current ones, none of them are full adults as of yet but they may grow up to be main NPCs through the course of the RP. Comeaga, Claire, and Araceli were the ones who bore them according to random dice rolls.

Servants and Properties
Auglier Keep, mostly still ruined except for portions of the exterior and the few inhabited parts of the interior, otherwise the cult keeps it from getting worse but lacks the resources to fully restore it as of yet. Has unexplored catacombs entombing several generations of knights and soldiers who once held this keep. Currently houses; Nocri, her three spawn, the five leaders, and fifteen nameless cult members. Was once a defensive point against invasion from the North, by orcs or barbarians, and overlooks a pass leading out into the tundra directly.
Fjalir, town just a mile South of Auglier currently controlled by Nocri's cult, with only minor discontent. Currently 115 inhabitants, divided into 51 different families who work the land and fish the waters, with craftsmen enough to maintain subsistence but nothing more. Led theoretically by the mayor, an old man named Adam Voicu, but given how senile he is the town is really run by his one time slave turned trophy wife turned defacto leader, a young woman from the northern barbarian tribes named Shiera who answers willingly to Nocri's cult to help minimize how much Nocri abuses their town.

Fresh Slaves
SOON to not be empty

Hunting Hounds - 14 trained hunting dogs, with wolf stats.
Sheep - The castle's herd numbers 24, sheep produce wool and are occasionally slaughtered for mutton. Taken from the people of Fjalir when it was absorbed into the cult.

Nearby Settlements and Locations of Interest
Grindavik, town a dozen miles inland, essentially to the Southeast. Less than open to the cult as of now, run by an elected five person merchant council. Relatively wealthy compared to Fjalir, full population unknown as yet. Located on a trade route that comes from the South and curves East.
Eye of the Winter Copse, a tall stone tower guarded by fairly aggressive wyldfae located deep in the nearby pine forest to the East. Avoided by the local mortals save for a festival taking place at the solstice once every six years, when a full moon presides over the autumnal equinox and a young couple - a young man and a young woman - must be sent into the woods to be sacrificed to the dwellers there.
Jos Movis, the ruins of a dead city located on an area of tundra and glacial ice located a hundred miles to the North. Was once elvish, and still inhabited by undead, assorted magical defenses, and assorted monsters.
Dubra Grim, the coastal orcish war fortress to the far Northeast, located on the tundra and has existed for generations. They more often raid the peoples living in the tundra than in the more temperate settled areas, are fairly few in number and stressed for resources.

Nocri awoke at her leisure - as she always did - to yet another pleasant midsummer morning. The warm air breathing through the drafty corridors made the dilapidated fortress's hallways mildly less unpleasant to be in, at least, and allowed her to wake up in a pleasantly slow manner given her relative lack of responsibility. A trio of servant woman in revealing dresses styled after the ones commonly worn by servants of nobles from far Southern Badaria knocked a few minutes into her awakening process, and on her allowance would enter. One silently waited for Nocri's command to serve the raiju her morning meal - a roast pheasant, rolls lavishly decorated with butter and honey, and a whole branch of freshly harvested grapes - while a second silently began to do brush through Nocri's hair and the third silently awaited her instruction on what clothing to prepare for her. The whole morning ritual was well practiced by that point, organized by Comeaga supposedly - and at least somewhat accurately - timed according to when her gift of future sight suggested that Nocri would awaken and enacted by a rotating selection of her cult's female members. Everybody knew their parts by this point, and did them efficiently and with proper demureness for Nocri's status as their living god, looking upon the raiju's form only as was necessary and otherwise keeping their eyes downcast and answering any of Nocri's demands quietly and obediently.

The actual daily workings of the keep and her followers were hers to manage, as much or as little as Nocri herself pleased. Her more capable underlings generally kept things running well enough to be going on with on their own without any intervention on her part, but the expansion of her followers and the improvement of their holdings hadn't exactly been moving quickly while she'd been growing up. The Faithful of the Snowy Scale had shrunk as much as they had grown since her birth, with members dying of various causes, or even more rarely leaving - before Jans had joined them anyway - as or more often than new members had joined them or been born. They lacked any artisans skilled and knowledgeable enough to properly restore Auglier to the glory befitting a being of her station, and while the nearby town of Fjalir had been browbeaten into servitude easily enough, the small village sported no one with the skills necessary to even plan the repair of the ancient structure, much less the number of skilled craftsmen needed to actually do the work. Their lack of general manpower left many tasks necessary to the day to day upkeep of their lifestyle - at least according to Flavius - either taking up much of their time, or unfinished, and now even Nocri's own lavish living conditions had begun to suffer for their lack of population; her meals had grown just a little bit sparser and less varied, and at times she had had to go two whole nights without her sheets being changed for her.

As much as Flavius might prefer that she reconnoiter with him and the other defacto manager of their keep to better figure out how to better their - or as he almost always put it; her - living situation, there were a number of distractions that Nocri could busy herself with instead. The countryside was hers to explore in any direction, in any direction that she so chose. The forests to the East and South, the coastal lands to the West and Southwest, and the tundra and fjords to the North were all fully caught in the bloom of summer, and where life flourished so too were prospective distractions. Be it a new beast to try and break or simply kill, strangers to encounter and possibly put in their place should they prove unwilling to defer her the respect that she was owed, or simply see the beauty that Donevrion had to offer; wandering had ample distraction to offer. Going into Fjalir to demand tribute in treasure or new playthings from the populace was always an option as well, of course, and if she was to expand her influence to the next nearest town of Grindavik she would at least have to spend some time allowing them the privilege of her presence. She might just as easily spend time playing with her servants instead, even perhaps the three women sent to give her her morning service or one of her lieutenants, or with the hunting dogs that she had taken to training as a hobby.

However she decided to spend her day, a fourth serving girl would arrive midway through her morning rituals and - with a careful bow and a momentary wait for Nocri's okay for her to speak - announce that Jans had requested an opportunity to gain an audience with her at some point soon, at Nocri's convenience of course. The girl, if questioned further, would admit to not knowing what the former thief had wanted to discuss; he apparently hadn't told her, but said that it was important enough that he did not want to relay it any way but directly to Nocri herself.


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Jan 5, 2011
It was a popular saying in Crolia that the head which bears the crown rests uneasily, but such had never been the case before for Nocri. With so many faithful to attend to her every need and no real responsibility to do anything in return for them, she typically slept like a log. And last night she had further eased herself into a restful night's slumber with what she had done to that newly-of-age fresh virgin, having ordered her washed, dressed, and then kept on the cusp of climax an entire day before being delivered to Nocri's bed. The poor thing hadn't even been able to keep herself conscious for her womb's first baptism with her goddess's seed, let alone the fifth.

Yet as Nocri awoke in a bed absent of the previous night's plaything -- undoubtedly whisked away in the night by some of her more ambitious servants, who likely hoped to remove the distraction so that Nocri would finally truly lead -- she found herself in a strange mood. And the arrival of her servants only deepened that mood. Even as she wordlessly motioned for the first serving girl to hand feed her the grapes from her breakfast, the second began to brush her hair, and the third awaited her choice for her morning clothes, Nocri dwelled on her thoughts rather than paying them much mind.

She realized she was growing... bored. Bored of her accommodations, which were luxurious but bereft of the touch of legendary craftsmen and as such unfitting for a goddess. Bored of Crolian fare -- she'd taken this same meal twice now in a single month, which was frankly unacceptable. Bored of the same serving girls and playthings. Bored of the overall lack of variety. So what, then, was the cure for her boredom?


She recognized that, like her revered dragon ancestors before her, she couldn't be happy until she had more than what she had. An expanded castle, with a bedroom and throne befitting her majesty. Meals prepared from ingredients procured from across the entire length of Donevrion. Worshipers from Badaria, Amazonia, and Anudor as well as Crolia, and perhaps even beyond. And playthings who would resist her whims at first, toys that she could conquer. Maybe even true mates worthy of carrying her proper heirs. And overall, for all these things she needed a larger dominion. For her hungers to ever be sated she would need the world itself, which meant that perhaps it was finally time for her to lead. Flavius had done a passable job for a lesser being, but it was time for a dragon to take the reins.

With that in mind, she finished her morning ritual without taking the opportunity to lazily breed any of the maids. And, rather than choosing the extravagant dress lined with feathers claimed to belong to a legendary phoenix which she'd originally intended on wearing that day, she instead ordered the clothing maid to bring the gambeson and plain pants which Nocri typically wore underneath her plate armor. She even took the arrival of the fourth serving girl seriously, and acknowledged Jans's request for an audience by telling her to relay to the former thief that she would be there after meeting with Flavius.

"You're all dismissed," she would finally order of them after she was fed, dressed, and ready to meet with her managers and begin a day as the cult's true leader. And at that moment those ambitious advisors who had hidden her toy probably would've been proud at how much she'd matured as their leader and goddess, at least until she continued with a hungry grin. "But after dinner you're all to come to my chambers and warm my bed to prepare it for my return. I'll leave the particulars to you." Those advisors would just have to settle for baby steps.

After the maids had departed, she would exit her own bedroom and make her way through the keep to hunt down Flavius and her other manager underling. Only they held the cure for Nocri's most pressing desires, even if her other toys would make for an enjoyable distraction later that night.